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With this protection* you will get a response from the authority to a request that you made on Twitter!


Among the requirements is that:

1. There is confirmation that the authority to which you are addressing the request is the account holder;

2. The authority has authorized official action by this means in any internal or external document;

3. There are indications that the authority has used the platform to respond to requests, since accounts solely for media use do not apply; and

4. What is stated is a genuine request and not just a comment or free opinion.

5. The petition is written in the Spanish language, in a peaceful and respectful manner.


Restrictions apply.

*The amparo does not include the extension or the various amparo against the response, but depending on the complexity, your presentation can be quoted free of charge, as long as this product has been contracted.

* The cost only includes one protection for an uninterrupted petition. That is, only what is requested in a tweet or message is what is requested to be answered, various tweets, direct messages, or physical writings are not included, _cc781905-5cde-3194- bb3b-136bad5cf58d_aun in the same direction. Well, these each one would be charged separately.

Amparo vs. Failure to Respond to Twitter Request

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$12,000.00 Regular Price
$6,000.00Sale Price
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